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Butlr, meet Envoy!

Butlr, meet Envoy!


The Butlr Team


October 21, 2021



Working towards building the future of the workplace is good; joining forces with someone as visionary and passionate about this future is better.

This is why we are so excited to announce today that Butlr is officially part of Envoy's constellation of integrated technologies! Butlr will be reinforcing and expanding Envoy's Hot Desking Booking Software by providing real time data on desk occupancy. We have designed this integration to make it easier for employees around the world to book their desks seamlessly, frictionlessly and—most importantly—ahead of time, even before going to the office. Last minute cancellations and no-shows will no longer stand in the way of having an accurate overview of which desks are available, any day and any time!

  • Maximize desks by giving employees up-to-the-minute updates on newly available desks and cancellations.
  • Seamlessly enable live and historic desk occupancy tracking that automatically changes with real time behavior.
  • Maintains privacy (no personally identifiable information collected) and a lightweight installation process.

So, how does one get started?

If you have never tested or used the Butlr People Sensing Platform before, you can purchase a Butlr Starter Kit which includes one (1) Hive gateway and three (3) Heatic sensors, support and access to our software and API for 12 months, through our website.

Ready to go big? You can also reach us at envoy@butlr.io for a consultation or a quotation for larger orders. Sensors may be priced at $10 per sensor per month depending on volume.

Available on Envoy's Integrations Platform 10/30


Let’s create your next big project together.

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