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Miro's Office in Amsterdam, NL Redesigned by M Moser Associates

Miro's Office in Amsterdam, NL Redesigned by M Moser Associates

Ioanna Sotiriou

Head of Marketing & Design


June 16, 2023


Unlocking Possibilities: Miro's Collaboration with M Moser Associates

Miro approached M Moser Associates in 2021 with a vision to establish a new hub in a historic building on Stadhouderskade in Amsterdam. With the aim of fostering growth, innovation, and community, Miro sought a workplace design that would enable their team to thrive.

Photographer : Jordi Hausman

Adaptable Spaces for Innovation

One of Miro's core strengths is its ability to facilitate innovation for companies. M Moser Associates understood this and created a workspace design that fosters experimentation and collaboration. Every space within the office is adaptable, allowing for easy rearrangement of furniture, while touch screens in every room facilitate seamless idea-sharing.

Embracing Sustainability

Sustainability was a key driving factor throughout the project. M Moser Associates prioritized waste reduction and pioneered new design and construction methods. Existing partitioning and materials were repurposed wherever possible, and sustainable materials were chosen for new additions. As MMoser note:

Sustainability was a key driver throughout this project. In 2020 Amsterdam implemented a circular economy policy. The strategy aims to reduce the use of new raw materials, creating a more sustainable city. As a global leader in sustainable design and architecture, M Moser is focused on reducing waste and pioneering new design and construction methods.

At Miro’s workplace in Amsterdam, we retained the existing partitioning of spaces and repurposed existing materials. For example, we restored the flooring and kept the existing bar, renewing the worktop, joinery and lighting. Where we needed new materials, we chose sustainable options, for example, the fungi mycelial floor in the bar area. Furniture was leased to allow Miro to evolve and adapt as a growing company.


Photographer: Jordi Hausman

Designing a Dynamic and Inspiring Environment

The design of Miro's Amsterdam office reflects the company's identity as an advanced tech firm with a vibrant and dynamic brand. The primary objective was to bring the remote team together in person. M Moser's workplace strategy and design teams crafted hospitality-inspired spaces with diverse amenities to spark creativity and encourage movement.

Photographer: Jordi Hausman

Supporting Well-being and New Ways of Working

The office design goes beyond fostering collaboration; it also emphasizes wellness and hospitality. Miro's Amsterdam office features a variety of meeting spaces tailored to creativity, collaboration, and focused work. The botanical lounge serves as a central oasis, complete with lush greenery, while the bar area doubles as a workspace, promoting interaction over lunch and barista coffee. The campfire area, with its comfortable chairs and laptop tables arranged in a circle, provides an ideal setting for brainstorming and flexible meetings.

Photographer: Jordi Hausman

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