🏆 Butlr Named to Fast Company’s 2024 List of Most Innovative Companies, and Inc. Best in Business in AI & Data

Stop investing in assets that stall your growth.

Know how to shrink square footage, and recoup leasing and serviced office costs without sacrificing the employee experience. Understand which types of spaces enable employees to do their best work and de-risk portfolio and workspace changes.

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Replicate what works. Get rid of what doesn’t.

From daily occupancy insights to which types of rooms are most popular, asset decisions can be grounded in fact about actual space utilization rather than guesses, instinct or surveys.

“Butlr’s technology has proven to be indispensable to our workplace endeavors. From repurposing office spaces to implementing smart cleaning schedules, we are revolutionizing the way we operate, ensuring efficiency and productivity at every step”

Zubair Chowdhry

The New Economics of Workplace Planning

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