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Introducing Hive 2

Jill Qua

Senior Product Manager


May 2, 2023


Today we are very excited as we are introducing Hive 2, the latest addition to our Butlr People Sensing solution. As the gateway of our system, Hive 2 provides advanced features and improved performance that elevate your installation experience, making the latter even faster and easier than before. Hive 2's modern design language and premium aluminum base for better heat conduction is paired with improved stability through its new electronic design, resulting in a balanced blend of style and performance. Its lower depth allows for easy installation in narrow spaces, making it a versatile and practical choice for any space. Here we'll explore the innovative features of Hive 2 and how it integrates with our Butlr People Sensing solution to create smarter spaces.

PoE and Power Options

The Hive 2 offers flexible power options to suit your needs. It can be powered by a 120-240V AC wall power supply or the higher-powered 802.3at PoE+ standard. Unlike Hive 1, no POE splitter is required, making setup easier.

Capacitive Touch Screen

Hive 2's 4.5 inch capacitive touch screen is a significant upgrade from Hive 1's 3.5 inch resistive touch screen. The capacitive touch technology offers touch sensitivity, display stability, durability, cleanliness, faster response time, and false touch rejection, providing a smoother and more accurate user experience.

Tamper-Proof Design

Hive 2 is designed with a tamper-proof cover featuring secure screws, preventing unauthorized access. For added data security, customers can also request a lockable RJ45 Port protector to be shipped with the product.

New Mounting Design

Hive 2 features an improved mounting design with extendable back mounting plates that offer pre-drilled holes for easy wall mounting. Additionally, magnets can be attached to the back for simple mounting on steel surfaces.

Enhanced WiFi Connection

Equipped with an external WiFi antenna, Hive 2 delivers reliable performance, particularly in complex office layouts with weak WiFi signals.

In summary, the Hive 2 is a significant improvement to our Butlr People Sensing solution, enhancing system stability and appearance. It is now available for purchase as the latest addition to our hardware line. Our Sales team is available to discuss the new capabilities the Hive 2 brings to the solution. By utilizing this new addition, you can create intelligent spaces that are comfortable, energy-efficient, and secure


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