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Integrate occupancy data into your software

Our platform works seamlessly with the apps, work streams and business systems you use today.

The Butlr API allows you to curate abespoke solutionthat aligns with your objectives. With Butlr, you are the architect of the insights you need.

How it works

From Heatic to Insights

Location Data
Occupancy Data (floor, Room, Zone)
Traffic Data
Asset info (building, space, room, fixtures)
Device Status
Asset info (building, space, room, fixtures)
Device Status
Mount, activate and analyze. In just three simple steps, our system captures essential spatial information which is then turned into actionable insights by our machine-learning powered algorithms. The Butlr API, open and easy to use, delivers this information to dashboards and software of your choice, offering real-time understanding of space utilization around the world.
Space Utilization
Movement Patterns
Traffic Trends & Predictions
Energy Saving Insights
Portfolio Performance
Space Vibrancy
Fall Reduction & Alerting
Predictive Insights

Design your own solution

Opting for an API-first solution for integrating occupancy sensing data with IWMS software offers flexibility, customization, and reduced vendor lock-in compared to a "single pane of glass" approach. Butlr helps you build a more agile and adaptable technology stack that meets you business’ specific needs while supporting innovation and growth.
Our developers love building with our API.
So will yours.
Time-based information
We provide data reporting on customizable time ranges, grouped by objects (physical spaces and devices).
Detailed object management
We allow typical CRUD operations on all our objects as well as methods to update physical spaces without a visual representation.
Simplicity and economy
Object management is accomplished through one API call, structured with the exact operations to perform and objects to perform on.
Transformable data return
We offer information at its most raw level, which provides flexibility in how the data is manipulated and consumed.

We partner with 30+ software vendors

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“When deployed in combination with our KOLO system, there’s no doubt in my mind that customers will achieve a new level of operational efficiency and hygiene. In tandem, these two technologies have the potential to dramatically and positively impact facility management.”

John Strom
Vice President, General Manager of Connected Solutions
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“Butlr’s thermal approach is more reliable, scalable, and accurate than the other technologies we have seen. The best part: our customers have a seamless experience – we simply pull data and alerts from Butlr’s API and expose it to care staff who are already familiar with our software.”

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I need Butlr to integrate with a system that is not listed on the website. What should I do?

Get in contact with our team by completing the form on this page. We’ll follow up to learn more about your use case, needs, and technical specifications. From there, we can either connect you with a Butlr expert developer or offer guidance on how to best complete the integration.

Is the Butlr API backward compatible?

Yes, with any and all major updates to our API we ensure that the API is backwards compatible. This means you can build/integrate with confidence.

How many API calls can I make?

Our standard platform pricing and plans have no set limit on monthly API calls.

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