The AI Data Platform for People Sensing
Butlr helps organizations create safer, more effective, and more sustainable buildings and spaces for people.
Unlock vital insights about people, buildings, and spaces.
Butlr's AI platform offers powerful insights into how people use their spaces, enabling improvements to space performance, operations, or occupant health and wellbeing.
Connect insights to real business results.
Combine occupancy with other datasets to make informed decisions around business strategy and portfolio management.
Fast Payback
Use spatial insights to drive efficiency.
From a global portfolio to a single desk, measure the performance of your spaces and assets, cutting down extra costs.
Workplace as a Product
Design a robust workplace strategy.
Run A/B tests for your rooms, floors and buildings. Test new initiatives, programs or layouts. Measure. Tweak. Repeat.
Make your spaces work for you and your people.
Butlr helps you understand how and when people use your spaces and amenities, so you can take action to optimize operations and improve their experience.
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  • How many people are in our space vs its capacity?
  • Which days of the week are the most popular?
  • Does the intended use match the actual use?
  • How long do people spend in our space?
  • How many sqft will we really need in the future?
We helped one of the leaders in the Fintech industry strategically reduce their real estate footprint by 30%. This is how we did it.
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Data you can trust.

Easily integrate occupancy data into your pane of glass. Occupancy data is foundational and drives use cases across smart buildings and workplace.
The Butlr API
Heatic 2



Wireless and magnetically mounted, the sensors go where you want them to. Turn micro-variations of a room’s temperature into occupancy and activity insights.
Our Hardware
Access your data
in three simple steps.
Instrument your spaces with Butlr’s anonymous thermal sensors. Mount your sensors via magnets or screws, and start collecting data instantly.
Gather spatial insights such as occupancy, utilization and dwell time.
Build reports, run A/B spatial tests and compare asset performance against goals.
Design your own solution from start to finish —
Not into coding? We have you covered. Out of the box reports and dashboards for quick time to value.
— or get started with instant data right away.
Access real time and historical data from your sensor network fast and easy.
Butlr has saved teams around the world over $10M on operational and leasing costs. Learn how we can help you achieve the same results.
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