Why we do what we do

We believe privacy is
a fundamental human right.

Privacy is not a currency one should use to pay for services that improve their lives—and that’s just the fact of it. Good technologies are the ones that respect the individual’s dignity and right to anonymity; we deploy and build only the best.

Our story

We could not find a sensor
that could do everything. So we built it.

We're on a mission to make the built environment people-aware.

Think about it: We live and work in houses and buildings that aren't aware of their inhabitants. As a result, we heat and cool spaces when no one is in them. We clean areas that haven't been used. We lease office space that we don't ever use. Our older population experience falls without anyone knowing.

There are solutions to these but they inevitably involve compromise in accuracy, cost and, especially, privacy. It need not be so.

Our vision is to enable smarter buildings and an increased quality of life by making spaces people-aware without compromising privacy. Making our offices, stores and homes responsive to people will lead to safer, healthier, richer experiences while reducing our carbon footprint.

Our founders, recently named Forbes 30 Under 30, spun us out of MIT in 2019. We use thermal sensors to accurately and anonymously capture insights on human presence and activity in space. We are building a 'people-first' culture that values innovation, humility, excellence, ownership and a get-it-done mentality.

Meet our team

The people behind the magic.

Andrew W.
Fulfillment Technician
Andy S.
Head of Engineering
Arihan S.
Software Engineer II
Aynur M.
Product Engineer & Management Trainee
Brittnie Y.
Data Scientist I
Can W.
Senior Research Scientist
Chris G.
Director of Technical Customer Operations
Chunye L.
Data Labeler
Darren G.
Field Application Engineer
Donny Z.
Head of Manufacturing and China Operations
Eric R.
Principal Software Engineer
Fangfang L.
Test Engineer
Felix H.
Industrial Designer
Georgios G.
Design Technologist
Greg O.
Field Application Engineer
Haopeng J.
Full Stack Engineer
Honghao D.
CEO | Co-Founder
Ioanna S.
Head of Spatial Research & Design
James L.
Systems Engineer II
Jeremy K.
Logistics & Planning Manager
Jiani Z.
CPO | Co-Founder
Jill Q.
Senior Product Manager
Jincheng G.
Test Engineer
Joanne L.
People Operations Manager
Joben Y.
Senior Frontend Engineer
Joel M.
Field Application Engineer
Kaidong Z.
Data Scientist II
Kane R.
Lead Software Engineer
Liang Y.
Senior Technical Consultant - Frontend
Lynette T.
Mark R.
Field Application Engineer
Michael G.
Director of Customer Success
Michael H.
Senior Fulfillment Technician
Michael M.
Senior Account Executive
Mike F.
Lead Systems Engineer (Integration & Test)
Neo C.
Senior Technical Consultant - Embedded
Niko H.
Front End Developer
Olumide O.
Senior ML Scientist
Qiting F.
Product Designer
Rachel W.
Events Coordinator
Rags G.
Roc C.
Field Application Engineer
Ross D.
Head of Software
Shabrina S.
Technical Support Engineer
Shalin C.
Senior Firmware Engineer
Srivathsan S.
Applied Scientist II
Stuart F.
Head of Sales
Tengfei C.
Principal Scientist
Timothy K.
Embedded System Engineer
Xiaoyun H.
Mechanical Engineer
Xinyi L.
Data Labeler
Xuewen X.
Logistics Specialist III
Yaju C.
Data Labeler
Yoel R.
Head of Operations
Yolanda M.
Sales Enablement Manager
Yongxing W.
Linux Engineer
Zack L.
Senior Frontend Software Engineer
Zeke L.
Principal Software Engineer
Ziran Z.
Principal Research Engineer
Meet our investors

The people who back our vision.

Ray Stata
Analog Devices
Scott Belsky
Sonny Vu
Shiva Rajaraman
Will Ahmed
John Capodilupo
Chad Laurans
Designed in California


Our technology was born in our own labs in San Francisco and Boston. All of our products are designed in-house giving our team total control over the performance of the system. Our extended network of colleagues, partners and collaborators in Europe and Asia work in all possible time zones towards building a truly global product.

Our Awards


We are a team of engineers, scientists, designers and architects — functional design is in our DNA.

We believe that no technology can change the world if it is not accessible by everyone. This is why we always strive to deliver products with beautiful, simple design that enable ease of use and create delightful experiences for everyone.

Interested in joining our team?

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