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Data and Insights

Solve the most critical problems of your space with occupancy data.

Data and Insights

Whether you are running out of space or grappling with excess sqft, occupancy data can help you understand how to make the most out of your resources that work.

Occupancy & Capacity
Is it really a meeting room when it’s constantly used by one person for their zoom calls? With occupancy data you can see how many people are using your spaces, and compare real-life usage with design intend.
Utilization & Dwell Times
How long we spend in particular spaces and areas speaks volumes about the nature of the space, how functional it is, preferences of residents and even reveal underlying health conditions.
Traffic & Fullness
Occupancy data help you go beyond raw traffic numbers, and delve into actual presence and distribution of people across a portfolio. Identify floors that are consistently utilized, and areas that may require radical repurposing or consolidation.
What can I do with Occupancy Data?
Uncover patterns and preferences across scales including dysfunctional floors, underutilized rooms, zones of interest and behavioral patterns.
Activate HVAC systems when needed. Match staffing schedules with actual demand. Double down on amenities that work for your business.
Reveal traffic and occupancy trends. Create policies around expected spatial demands. Optimize resource allocation in a pro-active way.

From raw data to actionable insights

Butlr sensors capture data such as occupancy, traffic, location data and dwell times. Via our API, you can use these building blocks to build insights that match your business needs.

Learn How

Industry Applications

Butlr adapts to your business strategy and needs

Deliver results with smart workplace investments.

Gain insights into space usage by floors, meeting rooms and even desks to optimize collaboration

Provide the quality of care they deserve.

Ambient monitoring for modern senior living and home health.

Turn foot traffic into business intelligence.

Drive sales, optimize staffing schedules and evaluate performance across your locations portfolio.

Turn properties into intelligent ecosystems.

Utilize occupancy patterns to control energy consumption and automate building operating schedules.

Access your data on your own terms.

Butlr API
Plug Butlr to your existing software—or build one from scratch!
Get started with data fast and grow from there.
Custom Analytics
Work with our spatial analysts to create custom reports.
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