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Company Support Policy

Company provides Support of Company’s Products under the terms of this Support Policy (the “Support Policy”) as long as Customer maintains a current subscription to the Products. “Support” means the services described in this Support Policy and does not include one-time services or other services not specified in this Support Policy, such as training, consulting services or customizations. This Support Policy is subject to and governed by the terms and conditions of the Butlr Terms & Conditions available at www.butlr.io/terms-and-conditions (the “Agreement”). Terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to them in the Agreement.

1. Support

Support only covers the Company Products delivered to Customer by Company under the Agreement.

1.1 Support Terms

Company will provide reasonable product and technical support to address questions concerning use of Company Products, as follows:

Informational Support. Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide reasonable product and technical support to address questions regarding use of Company Products (which are not the result of an Error, as defined herein) (“Issue”) that are submitted by Customer’s Support Contacts.

“Error” Support. Company will use commercially reasonable efforts to resolve any Errors submitted by Customer’s Support Contacts. Such efforts may include helping with diagnosis, suggesting workarounds, or making a change to Company Products in a new release. An “Error” is a material and verifiable failure of  Company Products to conform to its Documentation.  

Support Contacts may initiate Support through the use of the Support Portal available at https://support.Bultr.io (the “Support Portal”). Support is provided in the English language only.

Customer shall not submit Issues or Errors arising from any hardware and software other than Company Products or otherwise use Support for unsupported software. Issues and Errors raised outside of the Support Portal are not subject to the Response Times outlined in the Support Policy.

1.2 Support Response Time

When a Support Contact submits an Issue or reports an Error, Company will reasonably assess its priority according to the appropriate priority levels defined below (Urgent, High, Normal or Low for Errors, and Normal or Low for Issues). Company will confirm the priority level with Customer and will attempt to resolve any disagreement regarding the priority designation as soon as is reasonably practicable.

For support Errors where the business impact has changed or was not initially correctly stated, Customer may post an update in the existing ticket requesting Company to increase the priority level designation of the ticket according to the above Support Terms definitions.

The Response Time means the time period between the Company’s initial response in US Business Hours to an Issue or Error reported to Company by Customer through the Support Portal. Company’s undertakings hereunder are not intended to indicate resolution timeframes for a reported Issue or Error.

[Table 2] Initial Response Time

“Urgent” means a system down or issue significantly inhibits or impairs usability of product or features.  

“High” means an incident with the potential to become a major incident if not quickly addressed.

“Normal” means a minor incident that impacts product usability but does not bring it to a halt.  

“Low” means bugs or support issues that does not impact product usability.  

1.3 Customer Responsibilities

Customer agrees to provide Company with data, process information, supporting analysis, and access to Support Contacts, as reasonably required by Company to address reported Issues or Errors.

Customer is responsible for the adequate duplication and documentation of all its files and data for backup purposes.

Customer acknowledges information and materials provided to Company by Support Contacts may be used by Company for the purpose of providing Support to Customer in accordance with the Support Policy.

Customer agrees to not provide PII or other information not required to resolve support cases to Company.

From time to time Company may require Customer to perform limited maintenance and/or troubleshooting on site in order to implement Company defined corrective actions in response to support tickets.

If Company provides Customer with replacement batteries Customer shall arrange for the physical replacement of said batteries.

Customer must contact Company Support by phone (at the phone number listed in the Company Support Portal) immediately after opening an Urgent support ticket to ensure the applicable Initial Response Time is met.

1.4 Support Escalation Process

Company’s Support team is dedicated to partnering with Customer and committed to providing accurate and timely solutions to technical support needs. However, if Customer has encountered an Urgent or High priority Issue or Error within its production environment and is not satisfied with the response or engagement provided by the Support team, Customer may file a new ticket requesting an escalation to Support leadership, referencing the existing ticket and Issue or Error in the escalation request. Customer’s Support Contact should provide contact details including a mobile phone number in the escalation request. The newly created ticket will be routed to Support leadership who will engage directly with Customer’s Support Contact.


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