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Introducing Butlr Care

Rags Gupta

Chief Growth Officer


November 6, 2023


Today we're excited to introduce Butlr Care, a groundbreaking ambient monitoring platform that's set to transform the landscape of senior living and home health. With Butlr Care, our focus is about revolutionizing the way we provide care to our seniors and ensure their well-being.

A Vision for Better Care

The challenge is clear. By 2031, the U.S. will require an additional 9.3 million care workers to support the burgeoning senior population. Butlr Care embodies our commitment to addressing this pressing need. Our goal is to enable seniors to age gracefully, all while empowering care workers and communities to deliver top-notch care, even amidst persistent labor shortages.

Empowering Care Teams

Butlr Care is all about giving care teams the tools they need to work on what really matters. Caregivers can conduct passive check-ins and receive alerts when residents require specific care, all without the need for extensive software training. This feature is particularly valuable for understaffed night shifts, where a "Night Watch" system can be implemented for more targeted care.

The Magic of Passive Monitoring

What makes Butlr Care truly special is its ability to passively monitor resident activity through discreet thermal sensors. We've integrated these sensors into the environment, putting seniors' privacy and independence front and center. By providing alerts on wandering, out-of-bed, unusual movement patterns,s and even moments of inactivity, Butlr Care becomes the safety net that ensures seniors receive care precisely when they need it while bridging any gaps in care..

Seamless Integration and Deployment

Like the best butlers, technology should be anticipatory and in the background, enabling us to lead richer lives. These are the design principles behind Butlr Care, which is  powered by our unobtrusive, ceiling-mounted sensors that can be installed within minutes. These sensors track human movement, gait speed, and real-time activity. By effortlessly integrating Butlr's platform into existing care tools via API, we aim to minimize disruptions, eliminate app fatigue and ensure high adoption rates among care teams.

Predictive Care Insights

For healthcare professionals, Butlr Care provides a window into predictive care insights. These insights help identify subtle changes in behavior that may indicate new health conditions and earlier interventions. For example, Increased frequency of nocturnal restroom visits  may be indicative of urinary tract infections, while alterations in sleep patterns and restlessness could signal underlying health issues.

Comprehensive Solutions through Partnerships

Butlr Care isn't just about us; it's about working together with our partners to deliver holistic solutions. We've formed partnerships with leading solution providers and technology companies like Notify Nurse Call, 9 Solutions, and IDP Sante. These partnerships offer turnkey solutions that bring the benefits of ambient monitoring to residents, care staff, and senior community operators.

Butlr Care isn't merely a product; it's a commitment to a brighter future for senior living and home health. As we embark on this transformative journey, our mission is clear: to empower and support dedicated care teams, and ensure the well-being of our cherished seniors. With our groundbreaking ambient monitoring platform and the power of seamless integration, predictive insights, and invaluable partnerships, we are redefining the standards of care. Together, we can provide seniors with the dignity and care they deserve, even in the face of industry challenges. Join us on this exciting path to a better, safer, and more compassionate future for senior living and home health.

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