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Cohesion and Butlr team up to help people understand how spatial change affects the workplace and office.



December 14, 2022



Cohesion, the leading unified smart building technology company, announces a new integration and partnership with Butlr, the breakthrough people sensing platform that utilizes thermal technology to capture space occupancy and utilization. This partnership bridges the gap between hardware and software, providing real-time data and insights for dynamic occupancy that includes traffic flow and space utilization within buildings.

“Management teams are working harder than ever in this hybrid environment to understand how people are using space within offices and workplaces,” said Nik Patel CTO, and Co-Founder of Cohesion. “Our partnership with Butlr is transforming the way our customers discern occupancy and space utilization and provides exactly what they need for comprehensive data and insights, while enabling them to offer flexible spaces and desking options that offices and workplaces need.”

According to the 2022-2023 CBRE Global Workplace & Occupancy Insights report, 89% of respondents use utilization data in scenario developments, up from 74% in 2021, and 58% of respondents plan to increase the use of utilization data for planning.”

“Butlr’s API-first approach to providing occupancy and utilization data via anonymous thermal sensors is a perfect complement to Cohesion’s impressive smart building platform,” said Honghao Deng, founder and CEO of Butlr. “We have already seen the benefits of this partnership with our common customers and look forward to many more to come.”

Cohesion collaborated with Butlr on several buildings for research and development, including use case analysis, solution design and space planning. Together they solidified a rapid and scalable implementation process that ensures customers have a fast and easy solution by leveraging Butlr’s wireless sensors and their pre-built integration into Cohesion.

Cohesion and Butlr technologies working in tandem allows management to understand the flow of traffic throughout the building and workplaces. Building management receives data on dynamic occupancy that includes space utilization ,based on real-time and historical data including real-time data. This dynamic occupancy is the key to having true and reliable occupancy and space utilization information.

“Our customers receive the accurate occupancy and usage data they need with a proven process that is seamless and extremely valuable for both teams,” said Patel. “Everything from choosing sensors, sensor location, ordering and installation is fast and easy and comes with comprehensive spatial insights.”

About Butlr
Butlr’s anonymous people sensing and occupancy detection platform helps enterprises across the globe improve their workplace planning and operations. Using just body heat and advanced AI technologies, Butlr infers contextualized human activity and delivers rich spatial insights instantly. One of the most robust and cost effective solutions in the market, Butlr helps clients create enhanced workplaces, improve employee experience, design effective asset strategies and optimize building operations. Visit www.butlr.io to learn more.

About Cohesion
Cohesion is a software platform that is leading the way in smart building technology – seamlessly connecting critical systems with the human ecosystem, simplifying management through transparent operations, and increasing asset value for owners by delivering better tenant experiences and powerful insights. Cohesion offers a secure and comprehensive platform that harnesses building information by uniting workflows and disparate systems to provide actionable insights for improving building operations and enhancing tenant experiences.  Cloud-based and IoT-enabled, Cohesion’s platform is customizable, scalable and optimizable to the latest technology developments in the market.


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