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Butlr joins forces with Infogrid to deliver truly smart buildings

Butlr joins forces with Infogrid to deliver truly smart buildings


The Butlr Team


June 15, 2022



Here at Butlr we get excited about all sorts of reasons: the launch of a new feature, a call with a happy customer, an office visit by our favorite corgi mascot, Corbu. However, what never fails to instigate a team celebration is when we join forces with innovative and industry-leading companies that push the boundaries in the space of advanced environments and spatial technologies.

This is why today we are happy to announce we have partnered with Infogrid, the world-class smart building data platform that automates and optimizes facilities management.

This valuable partnership was born out of a clear alignment between Infogrid’s mission and our own raison d’etre: to make the built environment people-aware and facilitate data-driven decisions to enable healthier, smarter buildings and workplaces for companies around the globe. Infogrid’s Smart Building solutions will incorporate our own Heatic sensors and the data they capture via API to address an unlimited range of use cases, and deliver truly smart buildings.

Data captured by the Heatic Sensor are visualized in real time within Infogrid’s system, helping real estate teams and workplace strategists determine the performance of their space.

Infogrid helps businesses around the globe achieve their ESG Goals

Infogrid automates repetitive and time-intensive tasks and provides AI powered analytics, empowering facilities managers to make positive changes to their building's internal environment and overall sustainability

In the words of our CEO and co-founder, Honghao Deng, “We are thrilled that Infogrid chose Butlr as their strategic occupancy sensing partner. Their impressive traction and their mission around sustainability made it all the more motivating to partner with them.” Infogrid’s CEO William Cowell de Gruchy has said ‘Infogrid is excited to be working with Butlr as a sensor partner. The unique battery-powered sensors, ease of installation and privacy-first design all makes for an exciting partnership. The team has been great to work with and the collaboration continues as we roll out their sensors."

To find out more about Infogrid, may we suggest you go straight to their blog where you can read about ESG management, Sensor Use Cases and using IoT technologies to cut down unnecessary costs!


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