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Occupancy Data Made Simple : A Closer Look


Jiani Zeng

Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder


March 28, 2023



At Butlr, we take pride in our comprehensive approach to shaping the future of the spaces in which we live, work, and create.

Our founding team, with a decade of experience, understands the beauty and unpredictability of these spaces and their inhabitants. At the core of our values is a profound respect for privacy and the right to inhabit spaces freely.

As we design our products, we prioritize humanizing technology, ensuring that it is accessible, approachable, and user-friendly. This commitment led us to develop our proprietary occupancy sensing technology in-house in 2019.

These milestones are badges of honor not only because of the scale that this team proves everyday capable of shining in, but because they are concrete proof that the values we work for are indeed making lives easier.

Seamless Integration

Essential spatial data shouldn't live behind closed gates. We empower customers to fully harness this data with our API-first approach, ensuring easy access and integration. This flexibility allows customers to augment existing databases, customize and group data, and develop tailored software solutions, ultimately saving time and boosting efficiency.

Flexibility & Scalability

We understand that our customers' needs may evolve, leading to a reduction in space or relocation. Our system was designed with this in mind, ensuring adaptability and support as they assess their investments, regardless of their chosen location. Our wireless sensors can be easily mounted on dropped ceilings, door frames, and beams using magnetic attachments, reducing installation time to mere seconds.

New in: More coverage, Fewer Sensors Needed, Half Installation Times

Although Butlr's time-to-value has always been among the fastest in the market, we've now managed to cut it in half. We're excited to announce major hardware upgrades, including Heatic 2 (with up to 80% increased coverage area), enhanced mesh network connectivity, and the updated Hive 2 and Hive 1c with cellular support.

Heatic 1 & 2 coverage comparison at the same installation height

New in: Zones

Introducing “Zones”, the new feature of our Studio App, helps Workplace Strategists and Real Estate Managers structure and organize their data in a way that is intuitive and optimized for their needs. “Zones” can be used for running A/B tests across different spatial scales—from desk level all the way to entire portfolios—and for creating several spaces and areas of interest even under the same sensor.

New in: Devices Management

Today, we're elevating our offering with the introduction of "Device Management," a comprehensive tool that consolidates all hardware device statuses in one Dashboard for sensor commissioning. Displaying everything from power status to sensor mode and MAC addresses, this feature streamlines cross-departmental communications and expedites troubleshooting when required. Our goal is to equip customers with the essential tools to easily design and adjust their Butlr Platform to their unique needs and spaces.

Uncompromised Privacy

Butlr’s new products maintain our commitment to privacy-conscious smart sensing, utilizing low-resolution thermal data to enhance spatial understanding in the built environment without compromising individual privacy and dignity.

As we continually innovate and explore the frontiers of thermal sensing technology, our engineers refine the detection algorithm through the use of machine learning and AI. This enables the Heatic Sensors to deliver exceptional occupancy accuracy even in environments known for their thermal sensing challenges, such as direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and close proximity to heat-emitting objects or appliances.

We firmly believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. As such, it is essential for workspace owners to make informed decisions regarding the technology implemented within their premises, ensuring that everyone living and working in the space feels secure and comfortable.

This is why we show up everyday at work: to build a technology that works, and that accurately captures the vibrancy of a space in a way that renders the communication of how spaces are being transformed by life itself an easy and straightforward task, as all things should be.


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