Ambient monitoring for modern senior living & homecare

Make Butlr Care part of your new standard for care–one that delivers better outcomes, simplifies care, and strengthens the bottom line.


Our aging population faces a dwindling care workforce

The imbalance between growing care requirements and the realities of a finite workforce will soon necessitate smarter approaches for delivering care–from passive sensing and remote patient monitoring, to fall detection and fall prevention. 

95 Million

American senior citizens by 2060–2x growth vs. 2020

9.3 Million

new caregivers needed to support seniors by 2031


forecasted growth in caregiver salaries thru 2030


Ambient monitoring offers care teams a sixth sense–without invading privacy or diminishing independence 

“[Ambient Monitoring] sensors can be especially helpful during those periods of the day or night when an older person is alone. They can assist in tracking behavior changes, minimizing risk, and averting problems that can result in hospitalization or worse.”

- Laurie M. Orlov, “The Future of Sensors and Older Adults”

We’re proud to partner with Bultr to bring the benefits of ambient monitoring to communities across the country. Notify NC customers can receive alerts sent by Butlr Care natively in their app–saving time and enabling staff to focus on delivering high-quality, needs-based care.

Greg Robertson
GM, Notify Nurse Call

Butlr’s thermal approach is more reliable, scalable, and accurate than the other technologies we have seen. The best part: our customers have a seamless experience – we simply pull data and alerts from Butlr’s API and expose it to care staff who are already familiar with our software.

Sami Herrala
Founder, 9 Solutions Oy

Our Homepredict monitoring solution for home health will be anchored by Butlr Care. We haven’t found anything else on the market that has the right combination of accuracy, cost, privacy, and aesthetics.

Serge Le Faucheur
President, IDP SANTÉ

how we help

Strengthen Occupancy

Reduce hospitalizations and extend lengths of stay with proactive care. Catch new health conditions often associated with changes in activity–like bathroom usage, gait speed, and restlessness. 

Empower Your Staff

Lessen the need for routine check-ins and paperwork, while empowering your staff to maximize time and focus for delivering compassionate care–all by using the tools they already know.

Stand Out with Award-Winning Tech

Attract residents who value individual privacy, independence, and technology that improves daily living. Butlr’s award-winning technology is unobtrusive, 100% anonymous, and requires no change to daily routines.

Reduce Risk & Liability

Respond faster and mitigate the impact of acute health risks. Customizable, rules-based alerting notifies care staff in real-time about risk events, including potential falls, wandering, out-of-bed incidents, and more. 

Real-time alerting and notifications.

Passive check-in and night watch

Nurse call system integrations

Activities for Daily Living audits

100% Anonymous

Sensor installs in less than 3 mins

Keep existing workflows

Wandering & out-of-bed

Delivered by trusted solution providers

Butlr Care is made available exclusively through trusted solution providers who have the knowledge and technical expertise to provide a turnkey offering that solves your specific needs. 



Our intelligent sensor identifies body heat signatures, tracking human movement and basic activities, such as walking, sitting, and laying down. 

Real-time Alerts
via AI Monitoring

Thermal data is processed by our advanced algorithms, which have been specially trained in care environments, to send alerts in real-time based on configurable business rules. 


Accurate, real-time data is surfaced via our API in the software programs and tools already used by care teams on a daily basis.

Solution Overview

Make Butlr Care part of your new standard in senior living.

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Easy to deploy

Works with any care tool

Frequently Asked Questions

01 What is your sensor's field of view and coverage area?
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Our current sensor has a 60Âş field of view. The coverage area of each sensor depends on its mounting height; for example, at a mounting height of 3.1 meters / 10.2 ft , the coverage area is 3.6 x 3.6 meters / 11.8 ft x 11.8 ft.

02 How accurate is your sensor?
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The positional accuracy of our current sensor is at +/- 30 cm (1ft), Headcount accuracy 95+% *, surface temperature reading at +/- 0.5 C.
*measured at standard indoor environment at 10ft installation height.

03 Can your sensor identify individuals with elevated body temperatures?
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Our sensor can measure human body temperature at close range. However, when installed overhead for spatial monitoring, the accuracy of the body temperature fluctuates as the sensor does not point to body parts where the individual's thermal signal is the strongest.

04 How many people can one sensor detect simultaneously?
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Depending on the height and subsequent coverage, one single sensor can detect as many as six (6) distinct people standing simultaneously next to each other in a 5ft x 5ft square*. Since a Butlr Network can extend indefinitely in indoor spaces, the number of people the entire network can detect at the same time is equally indefinite and relative to the number of sensors a network consists of.
*measured at standard indoor environment at 10ft installation height.

05 Can the sensors detect animals or pets?
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Yes, this feature is expected in Q4 2021.

06 If I install two sensors next to each other, will I show up two times in their overlapping space?
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No - our algorithm is designed to work with multiple installation scenarios including overlapping sensor coverage. Simply put, our sensors automatically stitch up together to form a seamless heatmap for continuous trajectories.

07 How are you different than a PIR sensor?
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Passive Infrared Sensors (PIR) allow you to sense motion, almost always used to detect whether a human has moved in or out of the sensors range. The difference between our Heatic Sensor and a PIR sensor is that Heatic Sensor can detect all sorts of presence, and is not limited to people in motion. Our Heatic Sensors can successfully detect people sleeping, sitting and lying down and their location in the space— a PIR sensor cannot. Finally, the Heatic sensors perform significantly better in more complicated spatial scenarios with significantly higher accuracy than PIR technology.

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