Design a Better Workplace Experience
The Analytics behind Productive Workspaces
Eliminate friction for your best talent to focus on what they do best.
Butlr provides companies with a complete perspective about how people are using their workplaces with total anonymity – from discovering which floors, meeting spaces and even desks are most popular to figuring out whether people are going to the office for collaboration or focus work.
Invest in preferences
Leverage data about space typology, location and amenities to pinpoint the spaces where employees spend the most time and inform new offerings.
Manage reservations
Integrate real-time presence with existing booking systems to limit ghost bookings that take up valuable resources that someone else could use. 
Amenity Usage
Provide real-time information on amenity availability to save time and hassle. Design accessible spaces that serve your team and minimize friction.
Butlr Research
The New Economics of Workplace Planning
Discover how to assign a measurable ROI – in dollars – to each space in your office portfolio based on actual use and impact.
We partner with the best to offer a solution for your business.
Whether you are looking for a desk booking system or an analytics platform, our broad partner ecosystem covers a multitude of use cases informed by Butlr-derived data.
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