Lower Building Energy and Operation Costs
Understand occupancy to drive efficiency.
Occupancy underpins facility management decisions.
Buildings can only be smarter if they're aware of the people in them. By getting a baseline of actual occupancy, operating and capital decisions are grounded in how the building functions today. Designed with an API-first approach, Butlr can integrate seamlessly with existing building management systems, ensuring that real-time occupancy data informs revenue modeling, space planning, energy usage, cleaning schedules, and tenant interactions.
New revenue models
Landlords are forced to offer more flexible lease options. Evaluate these new revenue streams against traditional leases and understand the impacts on financial modeling and valuation.
Smarter Operations
Streamline custodial schedules and minimize waste. Shifting to a traffic-based cleaning model cuts costs and consumables, and prioritizes those resources for the busiest areas.
Cut energy costs
Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions without lowering the experienced quality of your spaces. Heat, cool, and light spaces based on real-time occupancy.
Butlr Research
The New Economics of Workplace Planning
Discover how to assign a measurable ROI – in dollars – to each space in your office portfolio based on actual use and impact.
We partner with the best to offer a solution for your business.
Whether you are looking for a desk booking system or an analytics platform, our broad partner ecosystem covers a multitude of use cases informed by Butlr-derived data.
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