From Insights to Impact: Forecasting with
 Predictive Analytics and Occupancy Sensing


Colin Dominish
Head of Podium Services, Lendlease Podium
Aditya Dayal
Head of Podium Data & Analytics, Lendlease Podium
Michael Goulty
Head of Customer Success, Butlr



Is it possible to predict how a workplace will be utilized in the upcoming week, month, or even year? What is data-forecasting and how can it be implemented in understanding building traffic and utilization rates? As our partners at Lendlease Podium note:

Predictive analytics is able to draw on large volumes and varied types of structured and unstructured data, from a disparate range of sources. When it comes to predicting workplace attendance, this includes everything from the latest COVID infection trends to weather conditions and traffic reports.

Historical data on Occupancy Sensing, combined with advanced Predictive Analytics, are set to revolutionize the way companies around the world design their office spaces. But how does this work?

Join us for an online discussion with our partners at Lendlease Podium as we explore how businesses can leverage data and advanced analytics to accurately forecast workplace attendance, optimize resource allocation, and make strategic decisions for a hybrid office, ensuring efficiency, employee satisfaction, and cost savings.


1. The science behind predictive analytics and occupancy sensing

2. Key advantages and outcomes of implementing predictive analytics in workplace operations

3. Success stories of predictive analytics implementation in workplaces around the globe

The discussion will close with a Q&A session, while all of our registrants will receive the recording, the transcript and our upcoming e-book about the future of Activity-Based Workplaces. See you there!