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We are partnering with some of the leading teams in building intelligence, workspace management and booking platforms. Together we will design a complete solution for your businessā€™s needs and model.
Make your spaces work for you and your people.
Butlr helps you understand how and when people use your spaces and amenities, so you can take action to optimize operations and improve their experience.
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  • How many people are in our space vs its capacity?
  • Which days of the week are the most popular?
  • Does the intended use match the actual use?
  • How long do people spend in our space?
  • How many sqft will we really need in the future?
Already have a platform?
Even better.
Expand the capabilities of your existing service through real time and historical spatial information from Butlr. Our open API means your engineers can easily pull occupancy data from Butlr into your platform of choice.
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"When deployed in combination with our KOLO system, thereā€™s no doubt in my mind that customers will achieve a new level of operational efficiency and hygiene. In tandem, these two technologies have the potential to dramatically and positively impact facility management."
John Strom
Vice President, General Manager of Connected Solutions, GP PRO
Butlr has saved teams around the world more than $10M on operational and leasing costs. Learn how we can do it for you.
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