Start with the basics and grow from there.
Access real time and historical data from your sensor network fast and easy. Experiment with 24 hour trends, occupancy count charts and capacity metrics. Understand which areas and rooms are being used the most, and allocate resources accordingly.
Introducing Zones
Create custom zones for areas of interest and run targeted A/B tests in your spaces.
See desk occupancy, availability and utilization of activity areas under Presence sensors.
All your devices at a glance.
Device Management
View the status of all hardware devices and their status in one place on the Dashboard. Quicker troubleshooting with at-a-glance battery status, sensor mode and uptime.
The best installation partner. And more.
Plan ahead
Use placeholders to plan sensor quantity and location.
Real time data
Get a real-time view of occupancy and space utilization.
Add as you go
Add more sensors, change locations and rename spaces.
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