Build Anything with the Butlr API
An API-first Approach
Butlr captures.
You build.
Butlr’s occupancy data is designed to work seamlessly with other industry solutions and partner products, saving you time and increasing efficiency.
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Combine data to create reports that work for you and your team.
Butlr helps you understand how people use your spaces and amenities, so you can take action to optimize operations and improve their experience.
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  • How many people are in our space vs its capacity?
  • What does the floor traffic look like on Tuesdays?
  • What is the most popular phone booth on Thursdays?
  • What is the traffic like at 1pm in the Kitchen on Monday?
  • How many desks were occupied yesterday at 4pm?
Time-based information
We provide data reporting on customizable time ranges, grouped by objects (physical spaces and devices).
Detailed object management
We allow typical CRUD operations on all our objects as well as methods to update physical spaces without a visual representation.
Simplicity and economy
Object management is accomplished through one API call, structured with the exact operations to perform and objects to perform on.
Transformable data return
We offer information at its most raw level, which provides flexibility in how the data is manipulated and consumed.
"When deployed in combination with our KOLO system, there’s no doubt in my mind that customers will achieve a new level of operational efficiency and hygiene. In tandem, these two technologies have the potential to dramatically and positively impact facility management."
John Strom
Vice President, General Manager of Connected Solutions, GP PRO
To get started, first you will need to install your Butlr Heatic sensors in your space. Use Butlr’s wireless sensors to capture occupancy data across your spaces.
Once in place, start pulling data from the Heatic sensors directly to your platform. Build the charts, graphs and analytics tools of your choice.
For richer insights, you can always combine Butlr data with other facilities management, HR or asset booking software. The combinations are endless!
We helped one of the leaders in the Fintech industry strategically reduce their real estate footprint by 30%. This is how we did it.
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We partner with the best to offer a solution for your business.
Whether you are looking for a desk booking system or an analytics platform, our broad partner ecosystem covers any use case, backed by the Butlr data.
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Butlr has saved teams around the world more than $10M on operational and leasing costs. Learn how we can do it for you.
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